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  • Wart develops when human papilloma virus infects the outer layer of skin, which causes the skin cells to grow rapidly.
  • You will most likely develop where you have broken skin such as cut or abrasion.
  • Virus thrive in damp areas like showers and swimming pool areas.
  • After catching virus infection, it can take months before you see wart, as the virus grows very slowly.
  • You can reinfect yourself by touching the wart and touching another part of body.
  • You can infect others by sharing razors, towels and other personal items.


Facts about Wart removal


  • Not all warts need to be treated.
  • Some warts might go away with time. Body immune system may destroy the virus causing them.
  • Warts should be removed if they are painful, embarrassing or rapidly increasing in size, number or spreading to other body parts.
  • Goal of treatment is to remove the wart with laser without causing scar.
  • Course of treatment can last for weeks to months as there may be new warts which can be formed by virus in other body areas.
  • The wart removal treatment just removes the wart and not the virus.
  • Problematic areas are Scalp and beard area.


When to go for wart removal


  • Warts growing rapidly.
  • Signs of bacterial infection- pain, swelling, redness ,discharge of pus.
  • Painful warts on foot.
  • History of Diabetes.
  • Genital or anal warts.


Wart Treatment options

1. Electrosurgery with curettage

2. Laser

3.Cryotherapy wart removal

4. Medicines- Topical retinoid cream. Usually given to avoid the recurrence of warts.