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Skin ageing is a natural process.  It gets accelerated by fast and stressful lifestyle, imbalanced diet, exposure to harsh weather. Skin ageing leads to wrinkles, dullness , dryness and sagging skin . Antiaging skin care targets to slow down aging process. These few tips can help you to maintain a youthful skin and age gracefully-

antiaging skin care


 Follow  a healthy diet for antiaging skin care 

  • Reduce  the sugar intake as it spikes blood sugar levels a. Excess sugar  combines with collagen and elastin to form advanced glycation end products . This glycation causes skin  to  get loose.
  •  Go gluten free for the same reason . As compared to other cereals  wheat spikes up blood sugar levels more .
  • Drink more water-  water plays important role in body detoxification, supports bowel health, hydrates skin at cellular level. Chronic dehydration leads to loss of skin elasticity and takes away youthful skin. Approximately 2-3 litres of water intake is generally adequate.  
  • Consume antioxidants- exposure to various toxins and chemicals daily creates free radicals in our body. These free radicals cause oxidative damage.  To fight this we need antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E , glutathione , beta carotene, lycopene, which have long lasting antiaging benefits.
  •  Eat a protein rich diet - protein helps to balance sugar levels which reduces stress on body. Moreover proteins are the building blocks of tissue formation and repair.
  • Eat healthy fats that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They slow down the skin ageing , help in hormonal balance. And they are good for heart.            

 Active physical work out

  •  weight lifting is essential for bone health and proper weight.  It helps to support  healthy glucose levels , reverse oxidative damage thus giving you much tighter and firmer skin.

 Good daily  antiaging skin care regime

  •  everyone 's skin is different . It can be oily, dry , combination or sensitive.
  •  A regular practice of cleansing, toning , moisturizing (CTM)  should be done in both morning and night. First use a cleanser as per your skin, followed by dabbing toner  and then moisturize . Always clean your hands first before washing your face .
  •  After the age of 25 years start applying a night cream as recommended by your dermatologist. It helps skin to rejuvenate and repair itself better .
  • Always use a good sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out in sun.

  Get more sleep

  • During sleep,  body repairs  and regenerates itself and washes off toxins.
  •  Less sleep  upsets  hormonal balance and leads to puffy eyes and accelerates skin ageing.

 Stress management is very crucial

  •  Cortisol is  stress hormone. Persistent  high levels of cortisol   are harmful for body and lead to metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal problems.
  • Try reducing stress by practising deep breathing, breathing exercises,  yoga , meditation, regular walks. Improved emotional and mental health gives a youthful glow to your face.