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mesoporation in delhi
  • It's exciting, most innovative, needle-less  treatment  that  provides alternative to injection  based treatments.  Electroporation technique is used   to deliver molecules upto size 800,000 daltons.
  • Electroporation mechanism is a pulsed  iontophoresis in which  low currents from 1-5 mA are passed through skin to open channels to allow delivery of  active drug solutions.
  • It  uses electromagnatic pulse that opens up channels to allow direct delivery of product into the cells.
  • These pulses increase skin permeability and allow transdermal delivery of drugs .
  • Micromloecules and macromolecules both are safely delivered into  the skin.
  • In comparison with traditional mesotherapy, which involves microinjections .  Mesoporation gives benefits of transdermal  delivery of active drug without side effects of  injections.
  • In most of treatments modalities topically applied active substance penetrates only upto 10% . In electroporation 90% of substances are transferred  into skin. Compared with mesotherapy  with needles, there is no pain, redness or bruising.




  • Face rejuvenation
  • Melasma/ facial hyperpigmentation
  • Face lift
  • Skin brightening
  • Hair loss - telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia



Procedure of Mesoporation


  • Skin is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and makeup.
  •  With help of heating probe channels are opened for delivery of meso -solutions.
  • The vitamin cocktail is then applied on skin followed by electroporation .
  • Once the mesosolution is completely absorbed by skin  with, skin channels are closed with cryoprobe cooling.
  • The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes
  • There is no downtime and pain at all.
  • Daily activities are not hampered.
  • Active substance like hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides etc are applied depending on specific skin and hair concern.
  • For face rejuvenation results are evident immediately as hyaluronic acid present in rejuvenating solution attracts water into the skin gives instant hydration
  •  Results of each treatment are evident in 2-3 months when collagen production is complete.  For best results 6-8 treatments are needed 2 weeks apart.


Contraindications of mesoporation


  •  Metal implants such as pacemakers or any electronic monitoring devices.
  •  Dental metal implants  
  • Persons diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma  
  • Pregnancy  
  • Persons prone to seizures , epilepsy patients
  •  Persons with phlebitis or thrombosis