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Bikini Laser

bikini laser in delhi

Bikini Laser Hair Reduction


  • Bikini laser hair reduction  makes  you feel confident by removing unwanted  hair.
  • It gets you rid of irritating stubble and troublesome razor and wax burns.   
  • In  Laser  hair reduction, hair follicles are destroyed by  principle of selective photo-thermolysis.
  • That means laser cause localized damage to hair follicles by getting absorbed selectively in basal stem cells of hair follicle and not heating or harming rest of the skin. 
  • So in sensitive parts  like bikini area it's  safe and doesn't damage the  skin surrounding the hair follicles. 
  • With repeated laser sessions ingrown hair decrease considerably leaving the skin smooth and soft.
  • Procedure is done  under doctor's supervision  after giving topical anesthesia.     
  • Multiple sessions are required  for long term results.
  •  The number of sessions required depends on skin color, coarseness of hair .
  •  Maintenance  sessions are a must. 
  • Most importantly its permanent hair reduction and not permanent hair removal as wrongly claimed.  



  There are many styles of bikini  laser -


  Bikini Line Laser


  •  Targets the hair outside your bikini area.
  •  This style is good if you want to clean  up the edges while staying with natural side.


  Extended Bikini Line


  •  Targets the extended areas  inside your panty line .
  •  Ideal to go with modern lingerie.


Brazilian Laser


  •  Involves laser hair removal of almost whole pubic area leaving a vertical rectangle in middle .
  •  Term 'brazilian' comes from barely  covering bikini bottoms sported by   girls at beaches in Brazil.


 Full Brazilian / Hollywood style


  •  No hair left in pubic area. Gives a completely clean look .



  Benefits of Bikini Laser

  •  Safe, painless with no side-effects.
  • Laser causes reduction in number of growing hair, and re-growing hair are thinner and light in color.
  • Laser  gives freedom from cumbersome and uncomfortable procedures like waxing .
  • Depilatory creams  can cause chemicals burns and irritation in bikini area leading to permanent dark patches.
  •  Procedures  like shaving and waxing can cause  boils and ingrown hair.
  • Improves the texture  of the treated skin.