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Skin Tags Removal

skin tags removal in delhi
  • Skin Tags are soft fleshy growths that hang from the skin.
  • They are benign growths that often appear on the folds of the skin where moisture and friction are common.
  • They are just a cosmetic concern. 
  • They are not cancerous.
  • They are not contagious
  • They rarely cause pain or discomfort.
  • Rarely, a skin tag can get twisted and become tender, skin tags removal becomes important in such cases.
  • Common  areas of skin tags include under arms, neck area, under the breast, on eyelids, thighs and genital area.
  • Post skin tags removal,  typically they  don't grow back.

Risk factors for developing Skin Tags

  • More common in females
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Friction
  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Diabetes

Treatment for Skin Tag removal

Co2 Laser

  • It is the safest and most commonly done procedure for skin tag removal by dermatologists.
  • Topical numbing cream is applied under occlusion for 30 minutes.
  • Traction is applied on the skin tag and the precisely focused beam of co2 laser is used to excise the lesion at its base.
  • Minimized charring, faster healing, no scarring, no bleeding high efficacy, fast treatment as compared to conventional methods.

Benefits of Co2 Laser

  • Office procedure
  • Blood less, no sutures, minimal down time
  • No scarring
  • Because of high precision its ideal for hairy skin
  • Minimal damage to the surrounding skin

Cryotherapy for Skin Tags Removal

skin tags removal

Mechanism of action

  • Liquid nitrogen, which is the most effective cryogen is used.
  • Temperature of -25 degree centigrade to -50 degree centigrade can be achieved within 30 seconds.
  • For benign lesions like skin tags, -20 degree to -30 degree  centigrade is required for destruction.
  • Irreversible damage occurs due to intracellular ice formation at these low temperature.
  • Degree of damage depends on the rate of cooling and the minimum temperature attained.
  • Inflammation occurs after 24 hours at the site of cryotherapy, further leads to destruction of the lesion.
  • Thus, Cryotherapy is also an effective way of skin tags removal.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

  •  Short preparation time
  • Low risk of infection
  •  Minimal wound care
  • Not expensive
  •  Best for non hairy skin lesions
  • Suture removal not required

Side-effects of Cryotherapy

  •  Pain after procedure
  • Edema and blister formation
  • Bleeding at freezing site
  •  Hairloss
  • Hypopigmentation and rarely scarring
  • Freezing on forehead and temples can lead to headache



Co2  Laser is the most desirable treatment for skin tags removal. Laser is done by experienced dermatologists at SkinPrayag.