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Underarm Whitening

Common reasons of Underarm Darkening

Underam whitening

  • Lack of exfoliation leads to a barrier of dead skin cells to accumulate. Resulting in dry, rough and dull skin.
  • Irritation due to deodorants and antiperspirants leads to inflammatory reaction, which stimulates the pigment making cells to generate more pigment, causing skin to become darker.
  • Shaving and waxing irritates the skin.
  • Friction due to tight clothes leads to superficial abrasions, which heal with pigmentation.
  • Hyper-pigmentation due to certain medications.
  • Acanthosis nigricans due to obesity, diabetes, hormonal imbalance. Abnormal hormonal levels activate the receptors in the skin, forcing it to grow abnormally.
  • Fungal infections heal with pigmentation.

What to expect from Underarm Whitening Treatment

underarms lightening in delhi

  • Hair free underarms
  • Lightening and smoothening  of skin
  • Improved  texture and tone of skin
  • Feel fresher and sweat free
  • Feel free to wear whatever you want
  • Freedom from ingrown hairs


  • In underarm whitening treatment, Laser hair reduction of underarm area is done  followed by chemical peel session .
  • Procedure takes 30 minutes to complete.
  • Sessions are done once in a month.
  • 6-8 sessions are required to see appreciable result.
  • Maintenance sessions are required once in 3-4 months.

Laser Hair reduction

  • Diode laser is used.
  • Procedure is safe and painless.
  • Treatment is fast .
  • Targets hair follicles precisely, so no damage to  the surrounding skin.
  • Causes thinning and lightening of the hair.
  • Reduces the darkness due to the undergrowth of hair.

Chemical peel

  • Removes the outermost damaged skin layer
  • It is painless, slight itching or warmth sensation can be felt during session.
  • Glycolic acid is most commonly used in underarm whitening treatment.
  • It is an Alpha hydroxy Acid (AHA), derived from sugar cane.
  • Glycolic acid dissolves the cement and sebum between skin cells, so that they can exfoliate quickly.
  • Peels  also stimulates new collagen production to encourage new cell growth, which gives fresh glow to the skin.

Under arm whitening treatment at SkinPrayag  is done by trained therapists under supervision of Dr Mrs Anu Jain.