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Say No to Hair Removal Cream

Say no to Hair Removal Cream
Hair removal cream contain strong chemicals that dissolve keratin and destroy the hair.
They remove the hair by essentially melting the hair away.
Also known as depilatory cream.

Side effects of Hair Removal Cream
  • They damage the texture of hair. With prolonged use the hair may become wavy and irregular.
  • Hair removal cream can cause skin irritation, itching, rash and sensitivity.
  • Hair removing cream can cause pigmentation. Many people develop irritant and allergic reactions to these cream resulting in permanent pigmentations especially in armpits. 
  • Chemical burns can occur with hair removal creams. Both hair and skin are made up of the same proteins and amino acids. Hair breaks down more quickly than skin, which makes it possible to remove hair without removing skin. However, if the product is allowed to remain on the skin for too long, it can cause chemical burn.
  • Allergic reaction can occur. Redness, swelling and pain at the site. Patch test should be performed on a smaller area.
  • Depilatory creams have a lingering smell. a typical odor of the chemical can persist for few hours after procedure
  • High PH in the hair removal creams have negative effect on the skin
  • Depilatory creams are messy, especially when used for bikini line can cause allergic reaction which can cause stinging and discomfort.
  • Hair removal cream provide temporary solution for unwanted hair .
  • Cannot be used in all the areas like around eyes and where the skin is broken.