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Permanent body hair removal for men

Permanent body hair removal for men
More and more men are opting for hairless smooth body skin.
Most men don't want hair to be removed completely, but want hair to be thinned out.
Permanent body hair removal for men treatment options
Is painful, can lead to infections

Can lead to ingrown hairs. Which occur when cut hairs curl back into the skin instead of growing outward causing painful bumps.


Hair removal creams
Have a chemical dissolved in gel or cream base, that attacks the protein in the hair and dissolves them, this causes hair to loosen and fall instantly.
Hair removal cream cannot be used in sensitive genital skin. 
Can cause itching, burning, redness or blisters.
Laser hair removal for men
It is the safest option for hair removal it targets highly concentrated light into hair follicles. pigment in the follicles absorbs light and this destroys the hair.
laser hair removal treatment is fast, painless and with no side-effects
Any body area can be treated- full body hair removal, chest, back, arms, legs, genital area.
Permanent body hair removal for men requires 5-7 sessions
Results could be almost permanent, with touch-up treatment sessions annually or biannually to maintain results.