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The Skin & Hair Clinic offers different laser treatments for skin care.
Treatment are done using the most advanced Diode, Q switched Nd:Yag, CO2 and Fractional laser.
Dermatologist Dr Kapil Jain and Dr Mrs. Anu Jain do the therapy. 

They are source of high intensity light
That can be accurately focused into small spots with high energy.
The aim is to destroy the target cells without harming the surrounding tissue. 

Laser therapy are available for
Acne treatment 
It helps in reducing pustular lesions of acne.
It also reduces the sebum production.

Acne Scar removal Laser hair removal 
laser hair removal in delhi 

It causes localized damage by heating melanin in the hair follicle.
Without damaging the rest of the skin.
This inhibits the future growth of hair follicle.
Treatment effectively slows hair growth but it does not guarantee permanent hair removal.
It requires multiple hair removal treatments to achieve an extended hair-free period.
Periodic maintenance treatments are a must.

Laser skin resurfacing
Removes damaged outer layers of skin
Stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers
Bringing a supple, smoother, glowing and healthier skin.
Diminishes the appearance of imperfections on the skin surface.

Rosacea treatment-
Widely used for- 
reducing extensive redness
visible blood vessels rhinophyma (enlarged nose) associated with rosacea.
Pulse dye (PDL) or intense pulse light (IPL) is used

Open pores-
Intense pulse light (IPL) photorejuvenation is effective in reducing open pores 




Wart removal

Removal of skin tags

Removal of tattoos

Stretch Marks removal