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The skin and hair clinic in Delhi is run by certified trichologists Dr Kapil Jain and Dr mrs Anu Jain.
The clinic is one of the most advanced centre for PRP Treatment in Delhi.

Hair treatments in delhi 

Few facts about Hair
Made of tough protein called keratin.
Color is due to melanin produced by pigment cells in follicle.
With growing age, pigment cells die and they turn grey.
They grow at different rates in different people.
The average rate of hair growth for normal scalp is 0.35mm a day.
Growth is slower in elderly and in patients with chronic diseases. 
There are 3 phases of growth of Hair- 
hair clinic in delhi 
1. Anagen Phase
It is the growth phase.
Lasts for 2-6 years.
Span of this phase depends on genetics
The longer the hair stays in anaphase, the longer it will grow.
80% on scalp are in this phase.

2.Catagen Phase
Transitional phase
Lasts about 2 weeks.
Follicle shrinks, cuts from its nourishing blood supply. 

3.Telogen Phase
10%-15% are in this phase
Lasts 1-4 months. Temporarily anchored, preserving its natural purpose.
At some point, the follicle will begin to grow again.
This softens the anchoring of the previous hair.
Eventually the older one is shed.
Average daily loss is 25 to 100 fibres. 

The Clinic offers treatment for - 
Alopecia areata
Premature greying
Head lice