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Men and women are opting for full body laser hair because there are lots of benefits associated with it.
Earlier the people working in Glamour industry or professional bodybuilders used to opt for full body laser hair removal. But now every person is opting for full body hair removal.
When you opt-in for the full body laser hair removal, you get a package which includes the laser hair treatment for your face, neck, chest, arms, back, private parts and legs.
Most of us like hair free body because it makes us attractive. In addition, it saves our time we spend in shaving, tweezing and waxing.
Why you should opt for full body laser hair removal?
You have excessive hair growth on your body.
If you are tired of shaving or applying hair removal creams.
The full body laser hair removal treatment for both men and women permanently reduces hair growth .
Benefits of full body laser hair removal:
  • Freedom from waxing, hair removal creams and shaving
  • Quick treatment time
  • Long lasting results 
  • Permanent results
  • Painless
  • Safe for skin
How many sessions you need for whole body:
6-8 sessions are required for the maximum reduction of hair, maintenance sessions are must.
  • It depends on the number of sessions you need .
  • Can vary from centre to centre.
  • The Skin and Hair Clinic, Rohini offers attractive packages for full body hair removal.