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Antiageing treatments like Botox, Fillers, Photo-rejuvenation, PRP, Facelift, Vampire Facelift, Dark circles treatment, Skin Tag removal and Chemical peels are available at The Skin & Hair Clinic, Delhi 
Antiageing treatment in delhi 

Skin has 3 layers-
Epidermis- outer layer contains skin cells, pigment cells, and proteins.
Dermis- middle layer contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles and oil glands.
Subcutaneous-inner layer contains fat
Each layer contains connective tissue- collagen and elastin fibres.
Elastin provides elasticity to the skin 
Collagen provides firmness
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural component of the skin
HA improves the moisture content of the skin and also gives elasticity and strength.

Ageing changes in skin structure-
Outer layer, epidermis thins.
Number of pigment cells decrease.
Aging skin looks thinner, paler and clear.
Decreased collagen and elastin result in reduced skin strength and elasticity.
Hyaluronic acid decreases leading to dryness and reduced suppleness of skin.
Blood vessels become fragile, leading to easy bruising
Oil glands produce less oil leading to dryness and itching. 

Ageing is inevitable. 
Our skin is the first to show signs of ageing.
From around age of 25, the first signs of ageing start appearing.
Signs of ageing
Dark spots or pigmentation
Dry and rough skin
Dull and uneven skin tone
Open pores
Fine lines and wrinkles
loss of volume- sagging skin
Skin Tags and DPN 

Causes of Ageing
Nutrition-delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin is impeded
Sun exposure

Effect of Antiageing Treatments-
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Antiageint treatments improves the texture of the skin.
Retains the moisture content of skin.
Reduces loose and sagging skin.
Antiageing therapy improves the volume loss .